Neck Tinting & Refinishing

Vintage Tint Flamed Guitar NeckSpectrum Guitar Finishes also specialises in refurbishing, repairing, and refinishing guitar necks. We can also lacquer necks that have been purchased to complete a ‘parts’ guitar, as usually these come unfinished.


Necks that see a lot of playing time often get damaged and worn out. Headstocks will sometimes be chipped and dented, the finish can wear through in places, and lacquer can chip off the back of the neck if it hits something. Spectrum Guitar Finishes can take your worn neck, repair any dents in it, and refinish the whole neck.


A lot of guitar companies these days sell guitars with flat, unpolished necks. Some people prefer the feel of the satin, less shiny surface, while others think matte necks feel cheap, and find they feel dirty more easily.

Spectrum Guitar Finishes can take your matte finished neck, refinish it, and polish it to a high gloss to match the guitar body. This can be done in either polyesterpolyurethane, or nitrocellulose.

Vintage Tint

If your guitar has a very pale maple neck, we can lacquer it in a ‘vintage tint’ lacquer to give it a warmer, more aged look. This is to simulate how lacquers develop a straw-like tint to them as they get older. This can be done in varying degrees, from just a light vintage tint giving it a slight amber colour, to a heavy vintage tint simulating a guitar that is from the 1950’s or 1960’s.

Polyester Neck Refinishing

Some companies tend to avoid finishing maple-fingerboard necks in polyester because it builds up over the frets and is difficult to scrape off, but Spectrum Guitar Finishes has developed a technique that makes it possible to finish a maple neck in polyester without any build-up on the frets, allowing you to have the most durable finish on your guitar neck.